SEO Disclaimer

Our goal at ZenZi is to make our customers experience positive results with our work. We believe in an honest and transparent service agency relationship with our clients. For that very reason, we are publishing this public disclaimer to fully clarify the most important details of the client service relationship between ZenZi and the businesses who hire us. This SEO disclaimer is applies to every client who accepts agrees to be serviced by us.

Disclaimer 1

While our proven and long-tested methods of search engine optimization have worked many times in the last few months, we must say that we cannot control the decisions control engines make regarding placement. Thereby, we cannot guarantee a particular position for any phrase keyword. We do back up our promised SEO services with a refund guarantee if our marketing strategies fail to give companies the agreed-upon results.

Simply speaking, we cannot guarantee our clients a particular placement on Google’s, Yahoo’s, and Bing’s rankings. However, we will work with every customer to set realistic SEO ranking goals and, if we don’t achieve those expected goals, we will instantly refund the client’s investment.

Our SEO compan is not affiliated with any search engine that exists. We were not employed by or paid by search engine companies such as Google and Bing, and we operate completely as an independent third party that has nothing to do with the search engines. To this end:

  • ZenZi does not manipulate nor does it demand for any product or service.
  • ZenZi does not control the click-through rate to a site as a result of search engine position.
  • ZenZi does not manipulate the results on the search engine.

ZenZi does control the technologies and techniques used by our agency to achieve results and it takes full responsibility for these technologies and techniques as they are described and documented.

Disclaimer 2 –  SEO is not a one-time activity such as website development. SEO is an ongoing process. If you stop with linkbuilding,  your rankings will eventually fall and so will your revenue fall.

Disclaimer 3 – Search Engine Optimization is a time-consuming and ongoing process. It usually takes from 4 months to 6 months to see results in how your page ranks depending upon the competition.

Disclaimer 4 – We can’t guarantee no.1 ranking or top 10 rankings for any keyword or phrase because SEO has no control over how do search engine rankibg algorithms work

Disclaimer 4 – Search engines such as Google and Bing may hinder the rankings of the newly released websites until such websites have proved their prowess to exist for more than ‘x’ amount of time or have enough back links.

Disclaimer 5 –  A newly released website may get a boost in ranking for several targeted keywords for a couple of days, but then it settles down to the rank it belongs to. This is  known in the world of SEO as ‘new site boost effect’ and it is quite common to happen something that happens quite a lot.

Disclaimer 6 – Search engines, especially Google, can drop website rankings for no reason.