What does the acronym SEO stand for?

SEO is a special acronym that stands for the term Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is basically a service that is involving the processes of optimizing various websites so that they meet all the requirements of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Meeting the criteria of search engines properly will, in turn, get your website placed higher on any search engine’s results once a user makes a search for a phrase that your webpage uses to get found on the Web.

Search engine optimization companies extensively research the search engines’ criteria. Once they do that, they will SEO your websites to meet that search engine’s requirements.

Question # 1:

What does the acronym SMO stand for?


The acronym SMO stands for Social Media Marketing. That is the process of optimizing and creating content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn belong to the group of popular social networks.

Social networks became significantly important to professionals in marketing because of the enormous number of users and the huge pieces of information those social media users share.

Question # 2:

What does the acronym SEM stand for?


The acronym SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. That is a unique type of Digital Marketing which promotes websites by increasing their visibility in Google’s result pages aka SERPs with the help of paid placements, PPC ads, contextual advertising, paid inclusion and banner ads.

Question # 3:

What does the acronym PPC stand for?


The acronym PPC stands for Pay Per Click. PPC  is something that is heavily used in Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Search Engine Marketing managers create various ad campaigns as well as display them on the SERPs.

In certain cases Pay Per Click campaigns can generate awesome results almost instantly. You must know that Pay Per Click costs can grow rapidly so make sure you made a budget that is fixed.

Question # 4:

What does the acronym SERP stand for?


The acronym SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. SERP is basically every page you see when you have made a search on Google or Bing. Search Engine Results Page will display links to webpages and documents that have the best pieces of information available that are related to the search query you have submitted. The highest position on the SERP will always belong to the most relevant result.

SERPs sometimes also display “Paid Ads” relevant to the key terms you used in your search query. Paid ads are always displayed in order of bid price. Higher price always gets the top position and so on.

Question # 5:

What are Phrases and Keywords?


Keyword phrases and keywords are basically the phrases or words every Internet user will search for in the Google query box to look for pieces of information. The main rule for every  SEO campaign is to do good phrase research. Then optimizing the webpage to reflect the choosen phrases or keywords.

The secret is in finding the phrases or keywords that Internet users will be using when conducting a search for a service, business or product you are specialized in.